Meet Max

Meet Max. Max was a homeless cat in my neighborhood that I was feeding for a few months until he completely disappeared. As an avid animal lover,  I decided to set up a special fund in memory of him. Over the years I have rescued many cats, and several of them are now my precious babies. I've always wanted to find a way to help neglected, homeless and abused animals. I currently dontate to ASPCA, which you can find the link below.

My goal is to raise money for local shelters and ferel cat rescue missoins.
Here is how I plan to break it down.
1. $1 from each CD sale at a live show will go to that local town's humane society
2. 10% of product sales directly thru this website will go to a local shelter where I live in East TN.
3. 10% of product sales thru CD Baby, Itunes,, etc. will go to ASPCA

I will keep this site updated on the funds raised.
If you have a direct donation, there is also a link below.

I would also love to organize benefit shows throughout the country for local shelters. If your organization is interested in hosting this, please contact me

Please help us make the world a better place for our animals.

If you have any info leading to animal neglect or abuse, please report it immediatey to ASPCA.

Thank you all and God Bless!

My Babies

Humane Society Of America

Donations for animals

Donate to Susan Rose


October Donations 

Thanks to some CD sales locally and at the WarrenCounty Fair, I was able to make a donation to the Sevier Country Humane Society and Warren County Humane Society on October 9, 2009! Thanks for helping feed some animals!!!!!

Congratulations to Michael "Doc" Doctor for being the first person to purchase my CD! 

Congratulations to Michael "Doc" Doctor for being the first person to purchase my CD! Doc is an animal lover as well and called to tell  me that he really aprresciates what is being done for animals! Since he is my first "customer" and believes in my cause,this entire purchase with go to the Sevier County Humane Society in my August donation. Thank you Michael! You helped feed some animals today!

This is dedicated to my Mother, Carrie, who believed in me and made me who I am today. This is for you Mom. I'll never give up or stop dreaming...