From the recordings This Is Who I Am and This Is Who I Am

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The title song of this CD "This Is Who I Am" is a powerful anthem about embracing your life and what you have become, of being proud of who you are, and being proud to say "THIS IS WHO I AM"


This Is Who I Am
Lyrics: Susan Rose
Music: Kim Copeland and Susan Rose
June 2010

Why am I me
The girl I thought I really was
Is nothing like the woman that I truly am

I had big dreams
Though they never quite all came true
I wouldn’t change a thing, I’d do it all again

I tried to be everything everyone wants to see
But who I’ve become is who I choose to be

I’m coming home
To show the world that I’m someone that I’m proud to be
And I’m not alone
I’ve embraced this life and showed myself its ok to be me

I know my life is not quite what I planned
But this is who I am

I used to dream
About the things I thought I wanted
Not knowing what my life was all about

Sometimes I think
That things aren’t quite the way I planned on
But I’m happy with they way things all turned out

Sometime’s life was so loud I heard nothing else
Then I started listening to my heart, and to myself

Guitar Solo

Final Chorus
So just go home
And show the world that you’re someone that you’re proud to be
You’re not alone
Embrace this life and show yourself it’s ok just to be

Sometimes life is not quite what you planned
Just say this is who I am

I know my life is not quite what I planned
But this is who I am