From the recording For A Single Yesterday

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What Used To Be
Susan Rose
Old Photographs of you and me
Take me back to when we used to be
The things we did, the things we said
Made me believe forever was lying ahead

I never thought that anything could come between us
When suddenly out the blue
You said that you no longer wanted me
You wanted someone new

What ever happened to what used to be
Of what we had between you and me
All the good times that we shared
The times I thought you really cared
At least that what my heart believed

Well I guess that I was blind
To see you didn’t feel the same
And it hurts me to believe that you’re not in love with me
What ever happened to what used to be

Love’s just a game where nobody wins
Looks like I’ve been made the fool once again
With each breath I take … with each step I make
I’m still hanging on to the memories we made

I’m just searching for an answere or one reason why
You said that you and I were thru
Was it something I said or something I didn’t do
Just give me one small clue