From the recording For A Single Yesterday

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Ring Off His Finger and Me On His Hands
Susan Rose

Men say they just don’t understand the way we women work
Well we women just don’t understand how men can be such jerks
They fill us up with lies and tell us things that they don’t mean
For just a little love they’ll do just almost anything
He told me he was single and was free
I didn’t se him slippin’ pff his wedding ring

He had her ring off his finger and me on his hands
To her he was a husband, but to me he was just a man
How any man can lie like that I’ll never understand
He had her ring off his finger
And me on his hands

He told me that he’d never met a girl like me before
Well I bet he syas that everytim he walks thru those swinging doors
He finds himself some pretty girl and says can we be friends
While his wife sits home juts thinkin that he’s workin late again
He told her he would never fool around
If she could only see what he was doin now