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  1. Internet Romance

From the recording For A Single Yesterday

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Internet Romance
Susan Rose
Verse 1
I wake up every morning
And the first thing that I do
Is go to check my email
To see if there’s one there from you
Then today to my surprise you said can I give you a call
Then we talked for hours and I knew that I could fall

How can I fall in love with someone
That I haven’t even met
We’ve been talkin’ for a long time
On our high speed internet

You sent a note that said can we be friends
You found me just by chance
Can I fall in love with someone
That’s an internet romance

Verse 2
You never know where you might meet someone
The world’s a big old place
It’s crazy how we met out there in that empty cyberspace
Then today to my surprise you said do you think we can meet
Well, meet me at the starbucks and we’ll see where it might lead